Hackers and tools of the trade

While there is a large community of hackers on the Internetonly a relatively small number of hackers actually program code. Many hackers seek out and download code written by other people.

Hackers and tools of the trade

Hackers and tools of the trade

The Difference Between Hackers and Crackers To understand the methodology of a hacker or cracker, one must understand what a hacker or a cracker is.

Internet enthusiasts have argued the difference between hackers and crackers for many years. This chapter contains my contribution to that debate. If I were forced to define the terms hacker and cracker, my bottom line would probably be this: A hacker is a person intensely interested in the arcane and recondite workings of any computer operating system.

Hackers are most often programmers. As such, hackers obtain advanced knowledge of operating systems and programming languages.

They might discover holes within systems and the reasons for such holes. Hackers constantly seek further knowledge, freely share what they have discovered, and never intentionally damage data.

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A cracker is one who breaks into or otherwise violates the system integrity of remote machines with malicious intent.

Having gained unauthorized access, crackers destroy vital data, deny legitimate users service, or cause problems for their targets. Crackers can easily be identified because their actions are malicious.

Additionally, it should be mentioned that there are two major types of crackers. The first is fortunately few and far between. They are the expert crackers who discover new security holes and often write programs that exploit them.

The second type, the script kiddie, only knows how to get these programs and run them. Script kiddies are more numerous, but much easier to stop and detect.Russian hackers have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Recently, there were reports of Russian hackers attempting to seize the control of the internet, as .

“Hacker Tools”, the subject of this post, are typically placed within the following categories: Application Specific Scanners, Debuggers, Encryption Tools, Firewalls, Forensics, Fuzzers, Intrusion Detection Systems, Packet Crafting Tools, Packet Sniffers, Password Crackers, Port Scanners, Rootkit Detectors, Traffic Monitoring Tools, Vulnerability Exploitation Tools, Vulnerability Scanners, Web Browser .

Hackers and tools of the trade

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To view "Headlines At A Glance," hit the link labeled "Click here to view this online" found at the top of the page in the html version. Jan 31,  · TimesCast: Chinese hackers infiltrated The New York Times’s computer systems, getting passwords for its reporters and others.

Published On Jan. 31, In , the United States and China agreed to a digital truce that banned hacking private companies to steal trade secrets. And though the agreement has been touted as a success, it hasn't.

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