Is this the end of local

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Is this the end of local

This week the BBC has been involved in a major row with the coalition government over its coverage of local news. He said that the BBC had nothing to do with the demise of local newspapers, which he blamed on Facebook, Google and ebay.

So what are the facts? Newspapers have a simple business model. Their income comes from two streams: The more people buy a paper the more it charges for advertising. Regional newspapers used to be hugely profitable and successful.

However for decades they have been under assault for their advertising revenues, first from print rivals that stripped away property and car and recruitment ads, and latterly by online rivals that have destroyed their classified advertising base.

The papers have responded by making massive cuts. The Press Gazette has reported that local papers shut between and Thousands have been made redundant.

It has been calculated that a staggering 40 per cent of jobs in the UK regional press have gone in the course of five years. At the same time circulations are falling across the board.

Is this the end of local

Journalists have been badly affected by the cuts. The reality is that they are trapped. News is as popular as it ever was.

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Sadly it is a broken model and radical new ideas are required to save the regional newspaper industry. The trouble is nobody has come up with anything viable as yet. Which brings us to the BBC. That sounds fair enough until you remember that the demise of newspapers is not confined to the UK.


In the USA, where incidentally the last evening newspaper closed decades ago, 42, jobs have been lost in the industry since In that context it seems absurd to be attempting to curb BBC reporting which is both fair and authoritative, but does not have the depth of coverage a local newspaper can provide.

And in any event there is no evidence to suggest that pay walls are an answer to the problem. They have been tried elsewhere with very mixed results, We all know from our own experiences of the internet that the harder you make it for people to visit a site the less likely they are to look at it.

The reality is that there is no quick fix. It is going to be a long hard road back for local newspapers, and only those prepared to embrace radical change will survive. They have two vital assets: Herein lies the key to future success.

The answer has to be in a complete reversal of mindset. Bloggers, lifestyle sites and the like should be partnered with, not treated as rivals. My vision of a successful local newspaper is the creation of a local hub site powered by the paper, which helps to generate a lot of site visits.

It will publish a wide range of additional content from bloggers and the like which in turn will help to make the site more vibrant, active and truly representative of the community. In the USA several newspapers have started on this journey and results are encouraging.

For far too long local newspapers have been battling against the inevitable like so many King Canutes, instead of fully embracing the digital age.An era will end in the Bitterroot near the close of this month when the last of the valley’s old-time mills shuts its gates forever.

Is this the end of local

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This year marks the centennial of the end of World War I. In Janesville, the celebration started the moment the news was announced. Veterans Day program honors local vets, end of WWI.

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