Is working part time while going to school a good idea

A friend of mine worked on the weekends because she was a single mother of 3 children one with autism and had no financial support from anyone.

Is working part time while going to school a good idea

With school days ending in the early afternoon, many working parents have to get additional after-school care if they want to work a full-time job. Like many parents out there, I would love to have the flexibility to work during school hours, and be able to be home when my kids are done with the school day.

While they may be harder to find, there are jobs out there that are either part-time, or work within the school schedule, giving you time with your kids and the ability to contribute to the family income.

School Jobs It's obvious, but one of the best ways to work during school hours is to work at a school. You could get credentialed as a classroom teacher, but there are also many other support positions available at schools.

Some of these positions require specialized education; others do not. One huge benefit of working at a school is that you can be on break during the summer just as your kids are, reducing the need for additional childcare.

However, they usually don't offer benefits, and may not always provide a steady income. They may also require a significant amount of unpaid legwork looking for gigs and drumming up business. Freelance writing, editing, or proofreading jobs are perfect for working from home, and all you need is an Internet connection and a word processor.

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If you are gifted with words, blogging or copywriting might be a good fit. A few online courses could also prepare you for a part-time job as an editor or proofreader.

Freelance Artist or Designer I know of several people who are working flexible jobs in creative fields. One is a freelance graphic artist who designs wedding and party invitations, as well as websites.

Another does beautiful calligraphy and watercolor art for weddings and events, and has collaborated with various companies to put her designs on phone cases and other products. If you love being creative, consider turning your hobby into a career as a freelance artist.

Sell Stuff Online It has become increasingly easy to sell things via e-commerce platforms like eBay, Etsy, Amazon Marketplace, and even social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Do you love thrifting? Consider selling some of your vintage finds or name brand clothing. Are you crafty or artistic? You could open a small business selling jewelry, handicrafts, cards, baby accessories, and more. I know one stay-at-home-mom who started a business selling a monthly beauty subscription box.

If you want to sell on a larger scale, you could also try starting your own e-commerce store. Fitness Instructor Yoga and Pilates instructors, personal trainers, and other fitness instructors often have a great deal of flexibility to set their own hours, whether they work at a studio or on their own.

If you're already a fitness buff, consider turning something you enjoy into a money-making venture. Teacher If you enjoy teaching, there are many part-time opportunities to share your knowledge without being tied to a 9-to-5 workday.

· Whether it is a good idea for you to work as a part-time bank teller while going to college full time depends on your alternatives, of  · I tried working full time and going part time to school and couldn’t do it for more than 1 semester.

It is too stressful and draining for me. Some people can do it, I applaud /01/19/how-to-work-full-time time-student. · Part-time schedules for building maintenance will depend on the owners' needs.

Some might prefer to have a handyman on call for emergencies, while others might like to have you on site and available to residents during specific / Why Working Part Time While You Study Law Is a Good Idea Or look into some of the many tailor-made part-time law school programs aimed at working professionals.

2. Part-time degrees are here to help. holding on to your pre-law school job is a good idea. Again, part-time programs offer flexible schedules for working students, but Those of you who work while going to school full time, how do you do it?

( submitted 3 years ago by Pursued a master's degree in tax while working full time as a lawyer AND had young kids at home.

Is working part time while going to school a good idea

It can be done. Don't know where that came from but I've been working part time since I started high school, fyi. permalink. You know going to school at the same time you’re working 40 (or more) hours per week is going to be tough. Now it’s time to get real about how tough it’s going to be.

Is working part time while going to school a good idea

If you expect to get eight hours of sleep and three leisurely meals a day, you’re going to be very /how-to-balance-school-and-a-full-time-job.

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