Using water pressure in hydroforming the futuristic creation of steel framing

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Using water pressure in hydroforming the futuristic creation of steel framing

Ghafoor Khodayari The bending characteristics of a tube depend on the material it is made of. Exceeding the allowable limits of this deformation results in unusable parts.

Aluminum-alloy and steel tubes were compared. Bending tube is an integral first step in many hydroforming applications. The outcome of this preparatory step is critical to the final results.

The bending process causes elastic and plastic deformation. During initial bend unloading, the inherent elasticity of the material can result in bend springback.

Other bend effects, such as the ovality of the cross section or the wall thickness variance around the tube circumference, are consequences of plastic deformation. All of these effects depend on the mechanical properties of the tube material and the process parameters, such as bend procedure, speed, and lubricant.

Researchers performed all the bending operations on a rotary draw bender without a mandrel under the same bending conditions see Figure 2. This schematic depicts all the bending equipment and the measurement system.

During the bending process, all the bend-reaction forces were measured online. Two load cells, located separately on the pressure die, measured the normal forces, FN1and FN2, between the pressure and friction dies.

A third load cell, located on the end of the friction die, measured a normal reactive force equivalent to the friction force, FR, between the slide and friction dies. A potentiometer at the bending axis was used to record bend angle, a, during the bending operation.

These measured values were used to calculate the applied bending moment, Mb, as a function of the bend angle: The lengths L1and L2were constant, whereas L3varied with the bend radius. These bend parameters were measured online with a personal computer using measurement software. Researchers reported results based on an average of three tests repeated under the same bend conditions.

Results of all the bending tests showed that the bending moment curve peaked at a maximum and then dropped slightly to a plateau.

Using water pressure in hydroforming the futuristic creation of steel framing

This slight drop was due to unloading in the bend area caused by cross-section flattening, or ovality. Maximum ovality was about 2. The measured bending moments of the steel tubes were about 2. After removing the tubes from the bending equipment, researchers measured the formed tubes for ovality, springback, and thickness distribution.

Cross-section Ovality Ovality develops as a result of the radial components of the bend reaction forces in the bend zone of the tube. Ovality, U, is expressed as the percentage of cross-sectional deviation of a bent tube from its original circularity: The aluminum tubes had about 80 degrees more springback than the steel, with the same geometry and radius.

Sample tubes of both AlMgSi0. These measured values were used to determine ovality according to Equation 2. Figure 3 shows tube ovality versus bend angle, a, for AlMgSi0. Maximum ovality was about 10 percent for steel tubes and This showed an influence of tube material on the ovality.

Ovality was almost constant through the middle area of the bend and extended into the straight areas immediately preceding and following the bend area. Extrapolation indicated that ovality would extend farthest into the straight section of the aluminum tube.Aug 13,  · Hydroforming works by evenly distributing pressure via water (conveniently, in-compressible) against sheet metal inside of a mold.

Many automotive parts are created in this fashion. It is just that the test creator has more methods of framing questions. It is most likely that the IIMs themselves would be very closely linked to the test designing process.

This maintains the pressure on the opposition and gives the team more than one chance of scoring. Uptown Chevrolet s new car sales manager, said hydroforming, a. Magnesium casting technology for structural applications. Author links open overlay panel is more akin to conventional high pressure die casting, using both vertical or horizontal machines.

During an indirect squeeze casting such as the IP designs using bent steel tubes (with or without hydroforming) are slightly heavier than magnesium.

3D Systems Corporation announced that its Freedom Of Creation design team launched the FOC Talents Challenge, in partnership with leading architect and designer, Zaha Hadid, in search of new design talent. steel, and aluminum they use to build the catapult. Take the ubiquitous plastic water bottle, for example - simple to design but the.

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